Company Profile
Products: Precision screwdrivers, hobby knives, electronic screwdrivers,
ceramic adjusters
Factory Location: Nantou,Taiwan
Factory Size: 7,700 sq.m.  
Workforce: 60  
Output: 5 million pieces/month  
Turnover: US$4,000,000/year  

Power Most Industrial Co., Ltd. is an ISO9001-certified screwdriver manufacturer in central Taiwan. While attaching importance to new product development for more innovative and efficient screwdrivers, it also places emphasis on offering products at competitive prices with excellent customer services and guaranteed product quality.

Marketing its products under its own brand names ARM and ARMWAY worldwide, the company's target export markets are the USA, Europe and Japan. Its major products include precision screwdrivers, hobby knives, electronic screwdrivers and ceramic adjusters. Most of its products have patent registered in Taiwan and many other countries.

As the president remarked, Power Most's highlights on R&D this year include developing new types of screwdriver and the handle as well as new kinds of material, improving product technology, releasing more packaging styles, applying patents for several newly launched designs and technique in different countries, and developing more precision screwdriver related products.

Every product offered by Power Most meets or exceeds the required international quality standards. "Following the increasing concern of environmental protection in the global market, our manufacturing process and packaging are designed in a way of environmental friendliness as a primary focus. What's more, the blades of our screwdrivers are all made of AISI-8660 N.C.M. steel alloy which are rigidly tested for durability, claimed Mr.Tsai Chien Lang.

All in all, we will go on developing more innovative and efficient products at competitive prices, excellent customer services and guaranteed product quality,stated Mr.Tsai Chien Lang. The company strives for the continual development of more innovative and efficient products in future. Besides, it aims to boost revenue by lowering the production cost, upgrading technology and employing efficient business management.

Contact information:
Tel: 886-49-225 1951
Fax: 886-49-225 0044